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Ever fancied the chance to join the fearsome advance of a shield wall….or even face up against one?

To battle on palisade walls to repel the ruthless raiders, or to help storm the defenses and take the spoils within.

 To raise a victorious cup of mead in the long hall to the glow of the fire pit and the sounds of the saga tales of the brave…

If the answer is yes, then read on…


Langfjorðs Sliehtwulfas is a family friendly group and an inclusive organisation. We welcome new membership applications regardless of background, all you need is the enthusiasm to have a go. If you are interested in what we do but do not live in the Essex area please contact Regia directly to find a group near you. Otherwise for more information or to find out how to meet us, find us on facebook or pop your details into the contact us form.

Members of Langfjorðs can participate in shows and events within Essex and nationally as part of Regia Anglorum. As one of the largest and most well known Early Medieval and Dark Age societies in Britain there is plenty of opportunity to make friends from across the country and take part in some fantastic experiences.

Membership is competitively priced and includes Regia’s third party liability insurance.

We can lend kit to new members when they are starting, early Medieval kit costs surprisingly little and you are not expected to have your own straight away.



All members wishing to take part in battle re-enactment must take an initial test before they step on to the field of battle.

Not to see how good they are – but to ensure that everyone remains safe.

All warriors will start off with the spear and shield, the basic weapons of the period, and once proficient in these, can progress onto other weapons, such as the axe, the sword or the fearsome Dane axe.


Langfjords, and Regia Anglorum also offers the opportunity to learn many period crafts and skills such as archery, wood carving, weaving, leather working and much more.

All of these can be learnt and displayed on the fantastic living history exhibits that are the very heartbeat of Regia shows.

Under 16’s

Membership is open to all, but under 16’s must be accompanied by a Parent or guardian.


The home and the heart of Regia Anglorum. The Saxon long hall. Set in among the woodlands, just outside of Maidstone in Kent. This beautiful structure is the end product of magnificent vision, commitment, skill and craft and provides and atmosphere by fire light that places you in the very age of the Vikings and Saxons.