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Regia can list amongst it’s clients: the BBC, English Heritage, National Geographic and Royal Armouries Museum. Further to that we have experience at putting on events at smaller and private venues. We pride ourselves on displays based on historic documents and archaeological provenance whilst presenting our knowledge in an engaging manner tailored to the audience we are working with.

Our displays are fully scalable to your needs. Langfjorðs Sliehtwulfas can provide everything from a single costumed individual to the full military and village experience, drawing upon the resources of Regia Anglorum as required. As a member of the National Association of Re-enactment Societies (NAReS), Regia Anglorum is committed to stringent safety and professional standards. Therefore you can be satisfied that any event that we attend will be fully risk assessed and covered by comprehensive third party liability insurance. For more information you can drop us your enquiry on our contact us form us or find us on facebook, and we will get in touch.