About Us

The Vikings of Essex

Langfjorðs Sliehtwulfas are the Essex branch of Regia Anglorum.

We recreate the lives of the Vikings, Saxons and Normans.

Our living history displays demonstrating early medieval social customs along with period crafts such as herb lore, bone carving or textile working offer an intimate and engaging insight into some of the often overlooked challenges of everyday life more than a thousand years ago. In contrast our violent combat displays dramatically portray the less commonplace but more crowd pleasing aspects of the conflicts between the Vikings and their Anglo Saxon neighbours.

As a research driven organisation we strive to give an authentic view of our past that accurately reflects the latest archaeological finds and theories. However, we remain an audience focused group that aims to promote our local heritage in a popular, hands on format which is enjoyable and accessible to all ages and abilities. Balancing these two goals is a big part of the challenge and satisfaction in educating people about the dark age society of Viking Essex.

Our main contact members are as follows. If you do have any questions, please do contact one of us!

Matt Robinson – Group Leader